Saeed offers astrological-karmalogical advice and gives lectures and seminars on essential topics of life such as love and partnership, life plan, soul, lifestyle, money, family and work.

He works as an astrologer (karmalogist), lecturer, life consultant, writer, poet, painter, pianist, musician and composer. On his website Saeed informs about his work.

His goal is to explain the causes and reasons of human problems and to guide each person to his own individual happiness.

From 1998 to 2013, Saeed produced the TV program "Lichtblick", in which he and his colleagues gave free astrological and mental advice for one hour each week to people from all over Germany.
Since 2012 he runs his own YouTube channel named "Saeed Lebensbotschafter" on which he regularly publishes videos on karmalogy forecasts and life coaching, videos of his pictures and his music, cooking videos and much more.

Recently he started an English YouTube channel named "karmalogy" on which all videos will be in English.

On the back of his books he writes:

“Every heart finds love, peace and inner tranquility solely through the truth and self-realization. Saeed´s heart´s desire and life task is to illuminate the way to this goal by his international and diverse artistic work.“